Eugene Yan

Hi, I'm Eugene Yan. I work at the intersection of machine learning & product to build ML systems, especially in B2C businesses. I also write about effective data science, machine learning, & career.

Currently, I'm an Applied Scientist at Amazon building ML and recommender systems to help users read more.

Previously, I led the data science team at Lazada (acquired by Alibaba in 2016), working on e-commerce ML systems (e.g., ranking, automation, fraud detection).

Other domains I’ve worked in include healthcare (early disease detection, price prediction) and people ops (demand forecasting, job recommendations).

Need advice on data science, machine learning, or career? Tweet me or schedule some time. If your question might interest others, please ask here: Ask Me Anything (AMA).

2020-now: Applied Scientist @ Amazon (RecSys, ML Systems)
2018-2019: Lead Data Scientist @ (Disease Detection, Resource Allocation)
2017-2018: VP, Data Science @ Lazada (Alibaba) (E-commerce ML Systems)
2015-2017: Data Scientist @ Lazada (Alibaba) (Ranking, ML Automation)
2013-2015: Data Scientist @ IBM (Workforce Analytics)
2011-2013: Investment Analyst @ Ministry of Trade & Industry (Analysis, Negotiation)

What they say about me

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What do you write about?

I write about what’s often on my mind, what I repeatedly talk about. It's usually:

  • How to be effective in data science & work (and practices I’ve found useful)
  • How I think about learning & career (and my experiences around it)

Occasionally, I scribble about writing & speaking and small things I learnt.

Truth be told, I’m still figuring it out. Don’t be surprised if I write about completely different topics in future. If you want to keep in touch, subscribe to my newsletter.

Why do you write?

I write to explore and learn about topics of interest. This mainly involves data science and machine learning. Writing is an incredibly useful way to discover and fill gaps in our knowledge. And once written down, the knowledge is highly scalable.

I also write to share my views on topics around data science, learning, and career. Such opinions are usually top-of-mind and come up in my conversations. I figured if I write about them online, I would find more people to discuss with.

Who do you write for?

I mainly write for two individuals and a group.

The first person I write for is myself. I try to write things that, when I revisit in a year or two, are (still) interesting; hopefully, this makes it useful for others too.

The second person I write for is my wife. She's always the first reader of my drafts (at least, until she gets sick of it). If she can understand what I write, especially on some of the more technical topics, mission accomplished.

The group of people I write for is my previous, current, and future teams. I pen my views on machine learning in production, data science & agile, and end-to-end data science, etc. This way, when the need arises, I've thought through them.

How can I get in touch?

Email's the best way. Else, try Twitter or LinkedIn. More details in the footer below.