Open-LLMs - A list of LLMs for Commercial Use

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I was looking for a list of open LLMs with commercial licenses and casually asked on a discord channel. (The goal was to finetune an LLM—that had a commercial license—to address legal and privacy concerns around using third-party LLMs.)


Exploring open LLMs on a lazy weekend.

After googling around for a bit, I realize there wasn’t a list compiled (yet). Thus, I decided to answer my own question and help others on this same path. You can find that list here.


A list of open LLMs, including those finetuned for code.

I’m surprised by the support from the community. In two days, we’ve seen eight PRs that added more open LLMs. This includes a through discussion on adding model details followed by a PR that added context length as a column. There was also a correction on an LLM that didn’t actually have commercial license. I’m grateful for the support so far and am looking forward to working with the community to add datasets, evals, and more.

Have a suggestion or contribution? Raise an issue or pull request. Thanks in advance!

If you found this useful, please cite this write-up as:

Yan, Ziyou. (May 2023). Open-LLMs - A list of LLMs for Commercial Use.


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