Mailbag: What's the Architecture for your Blog?

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M writes:

As someone who wants to get started in writing and technical blogging, I was thinking about a custom app but then got overwhelmed. Your app looks very well put together, and I was wondering what the architecture was and how easy it was to set up. Maybe a blog post about it would be good.

My site doesn’t have much “architecture” per se. It’s just a combination of the following:

  • Jekyll to generate HTML from Markdown (the content is built on this)
  • GitHub Pages for hosting. (Jekyll has built-in support for GH Pages; can be hosted for free on a public repo.)
  • HTML for navigation pages/snippets (e.g., homepage, navigation bar)
  • CSS for styling
  • JavaScript for some extra touchs (e.g., adding anchor links on headers)

I don’t use a theme. Nonetheless, there are many free themes to get started on here.

On setting it up, my friend YuXuan wrote about his process here: Part 1, Part 2. I think you’ll find it useful.

Have a question for me? Happy to answer concise questions via email on topics I know about. More details in How I Can Help.

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