Eugene Yan

Hi, I'm Eugene Yan. I work at the intersection of consumer data & tech to build machine learning systems to help customers. I also write about effective data science, learning, and career.

I'm currently an Applied Scientist at Amazon helping users read more, and get more out of reading.

Previously, I led the data science team at Lazada (acquired by Alibaba in 2016), working on e-commerce ML systems (e.g., ranking, automation, fraud detection).

Other domains I’ve worked in include healthcare (early disease detection, price prediction) and people ops (demand forecasting, job recommendations).

I enjoy meeting people with similar interests. Reach out or schedule some time! Always interested to learn what others are doing and how I can help.

2020-now: Applied Scientist @ Amazon (RecSys, ML Systems)
2018-2019: Lead Data Scientist @ (Disease Detection, Resource Allocation)
2017-2018: VP, Data Science @ Lazada (Alibaba) (E-commerce ML Systems)
2015-2017: Data Scientist @ Lazada (Alibaba) (Ranking, ML Automation)
2013-2015: Data Scientist @ IBM (Workforce Analytics)
2011-2013: Investment Analyst @ Ministry of Trade & Industry (Analysis, Negotiation)

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