Image classification API is now live!

After toiling for a few months on this, product image classification is now live on! While the product classification API works with product titles, the image classification API works with product images, though only for fashion.

Some facts about the image classification API:

  • Works best with e-commerce like fashion images (as that’s what it was trained on)
  • Top-1 validation accuracy: 0.76; Top-5 validation accuracy: 0.974
  • Returns results under 300 milliseconds (will be faster in batch mode with GPU)
  • Built on Keras and Theano, and runs on a tiny AWS server without GPU.

How to play with it?

First, click on browse to select a file for upload. The file needs to have either a “.png”, “.jpg”, or “.jpeg” extension (case-insensitive).
Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 18.22.49.png
Then, click on the submit button below and wait patiently—results should appear in a second or so, depending on network speed and image size.
Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 18.23.42.png

Here’s an example

Given a photo of a t-shirt, here’s the result we get.



It works on mobile too

photo_2016-11-27_18-26-53You can also try the image classification API on mobile. On iOS, it allows you to take a photo, or select one from your photo library or iCloud drive.

Please leave suggestions on UI (or any other) improvements in the comments!


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